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Tobias Hertle

Light artist from the Allgäu

Photography is painting with light. I saw the light of the world at the beginning of September 1991 in the beautiful Allgäu, where I still live today. Between the mountains and the green meadows I discovered and developed my love for photography.


While the first years of my life were still characterized by leafing through photo albums and discovering myself there, it was almost fascinating to try my parents' analog compact snaps. The first camera of my own came from a discounter, had a great green housing and I photographed what was just in front of the lens. A few years later, some classmates came to a video project in front of the lens of a video camera. My dream job was found and until 2009 I was certain that I would become a cameraman.


But what is a real cameraman without knowledge of photography? So I bought a digital SLR and suddenly everything changed. Film was still interesting, but my technology was out of date and new ones were infinitely expensive. The photography was not cheap either, but the result was more visible and, provided a certain creativity, also more convincing for me personally.

This is how my long journey in photography began, which has never ended and hopefully won't find one anytime soon. I got my first commissioned work through concert and reportage photography and took a lot of photos with my school and friends.


After graduating from high school, the first professional SLR was added and became a constant companion. After working at BAM-Magazin in Bamberg, with the opportunity to photograph many concerts and basketball games, my hobby has developed into an insatiable passion.

Today, like when I was a child, I still don't photograph anything specific, I'm always happy to learn new things and try a lot around. But if you take a closer look at my pictures, you will find that the focus is heavily on landscapes and urban surroundings, that there are portraits in between every now and then and that my work in a hotel means that I increasingly see products, food, cocktails and interiors .


With all this, the love for light painting is always in the foreground and I will never stop looking at the world through the viewfinder as if through a third eye and capturing moments with my own intention, breathing life into and inspiring you.


Since May 2019 I have been living and working on the beautiful Tegernsee just a few kilometers south of Munich and very close to the Bavarian Alps - perfect for dreamy pictures.

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